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Click on images for larger view (opens a new window)Flower sconce

Flower Sconce Vases

My flower sconce vases are a way for me to combine my two passions: pottery and perennial flower gardening.  They are glazed inside to hold water for fresh flowers, but also are perfect for silk or dried flowers.  Try one for an outdoor arrangement next to your front door or in your deck area.  Long stem flowers like iris or gladiolas display beautifully in the large sconce.  

Available Patterns: GL, DGS, R

Large Size:
19 inches long
Price: $125.00

Medium Size: 12 inches long
Price: $38.00

Small Size: 9 inches long
Price: $19.00

wall plate

Wall Plates

Each wall plate I make is truly unique with texture, carving, and cut hole patterns done as the muse strikes.  They are designed to either hang vertically on the wall or set flat on a coffee table as an accent piece.

Available Patterns: DGS, R
Diameter: 17 inches

Price Range:
  $165 - $250 


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